What do we offer our Clients?


Cantaloupe Interim Management provides you with distinctive added value in your search for the most suited HR Interim Manager/Freelance Professional.

Our distinctive added value results from the Cantaloupe Characteristics:

Cantaloupe Interim Management is a fully dedicated niche player in Human Resources

  • we dispose of an updated database of qualified HR Interim Managers/Freelance Professionals. We connect you with suited candidates within the tightest possible deadlines.
  • we present you the qualified candidates in the most accurate and professional way, based on a thorough and up-to-date comprehension of their unique aspirations, knowledge and skills.
  • a triple check-i.e. an updated reference check, a motivational check and a company culture check- of each presented candidate, ensures that your time interviewing the candidate is well spent.

The Cantaloupe Interim Management services are based on an in-depth knowledge of HR and HR Interim Management in particular, combined with a sound international business background

  • we are an experienced conversation partner on executive and senior management level.
  • we ask the right questions to fully understand your specific needs and we act as your sound board for exploring the most appropriate solutions.

Cantaloupe proposes a correct and competitive compensation for the delivered services

  • it is our aim to discuss together with you in all openness and transparency the most appropriate price setting.
  • due to our understanding of HR Interim Management and thanks to our lean and agile structure, we make sure that the price we propose is competitive and in balance with the delivered services.
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